Are QR Codes Replacing Social Media Links on Product Packaging?

With the advent of mobile marketing, Quick Response (QR) codes may be the next big thing in product packaging.


How Can Quora Balance Quality and Openness?

Despite the booming interest in the service, Quora has been very cautious about opening up. The obvious reason is to avoid becoming another Yahoo Answers. But is that even possible?

Quora sets to differentiate itself by building an image of superior quality. Its initial focus has been to elect experts and influencers, in order to drive higher quality answers and discussions. Curation plays an important part in the service: moderators will quickly remove irrelevant posts and collapse poor quality comments.


Eric Schmidt: All of Google's Strategic Initiatives in 2011 are Mobile

In the latest Harvard Business Review, guest contributor Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, writes about the company’s plans for the coming year, saying “as I think about Google’s strategic initiatives in 2011, I realize they’re all about mobile.” It’s notable that Schmidt didn’t say “mostly,” or “many,” of its initiatives are about mobile - he said “all" of them are.


Eric Schmidt Steps Down As CEO: Larry Page, Google Co-Founder, To Take Over

In a move that has shocked the tech world, Google has announced that it will be replacing its CEO.

Effective April 4 of this year, Google co-founder Larry Page will become CEO, taking over for Eric Schmidt, who has been the company’s chief executive since 2001. Schmidt will stay on as the company’s executive chairman.


Facebook Launches Low-Tech Mobile App For Feature Phones

Facebook has teamed with mobile operators around the world to launch a mobile app for use with feature phone devices.

Facebook’s mobile app has been wildly popular with smartphone users—in fact, it is the most-downloaded free app for iPhone. However, smartphone users represent only part of the world’s mobile users, while feature phones dominate the global market. “As of June 2010,” writes Mashable, “feature phone owners make up a full 79 percent of all mobile phone owners. That number is even higher in countries like China and India.”


Could Facebook reach one billion users in 2011?

Facebook hit 500 million active users back in July. Last week, rumours were rife that the 600 million mark was surpassed.

Even if this claim proves to be premature, the world’s preeminent social network is certainly close to achieving this amazing milestone. And one hundred million new users in six months is staggering.


6 Buckets of Social Media Measurement

As you probably know, social media tools and platforms are having a huge impact on many aspects of business, from customer service and employee hiring to marketing and product development.

But how do you actually know if you are social engagement efforts are successful?

Some have argued that it’s silly to ask for ROI or to measure things; after all you wouldn’t ask what the ROI of answering the phone is, would you? Or maybe you would.


New Starbucks Mobile Pay System Makes Cash, Credit Cards Unnecessary

Have a Starbucks Card? That’s so 2010—the coffee megachain has just gone national with a Starbucks Card mobile app that lets you use your smartphone to pay for that morning macchiato.